Cart With Goods (Small Business)


With everyday inflation on the rise and employment opportunities decreasing, earning a sustainable income and managing basic needs has become nearly impossible for a significant portion of the population across the country. Many people have no option left but to beg for necessities such as food and clothes.

In these difficult times, KGNWT is always ready to help those in need. To alleviate poverty and support people without compromising their dignity, KGNWT provides carts filled with goods (Theya) so that individuals can run small businesses of their own.

We have successfully provided hundreds of carts to deserving individuals, enabling them to earn a sustainable income and improve their quality of life. By owning and operating their own businesses, these individuals have gained a sense of independence and acquired valuable skills in management, marketing, and customer service.

KGNWT understands that empowering individuals not only helps them take control of their financial future, but small businesses also create employment opportunities for others within the community and contribute to local economic growth and development.

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