Sadqah is a form of voluntary charity in Islam, motivated purely by the desire to please Allah and help those in need. Muslims believe Sadqah offers protection from calamities and hardships. It can take many forms, including giving money, food, clothing, or other resources to less fortunate people.

Sadqah is an integral part of Islamic teachings. Giving Sadqah purifies one’s wealth and is considered a means of increasing blessings and seeking forgiveness from Allah. Giving sadqah also reinforces the values of generosity, compassion, and solidarity within the Muslim community.

Sacrificing an animal as Sadqah is a prophetic tradition, expressing thanks to Allah for His blessings. With increasing inflation and food insecurity, many people struggle daily to satisfy their hunger. In these times of need, your sadqah donations are crucial.

At KGNWT, we arrange everything from purchasing a suitable animal to slaughtering and distributing the meat among the neediest people. We distribute either meat packages and ensure your sacrifice help tackle hunger and provide people with nutritious and healthy food through our dastarkhuwaans.

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