One of the livelihood opportunities KGNWT provides to the most deserving individuals is giving them a motorcycle so that they can earn their bread and butter by utilizing it. Providing a vehicle to an unemployed individual can help them in multiple ways.

Job Search:

Having a motorcycle can enable them to search for job opportunities that are far away from their immediate vicinity, expanding the options and increasing the likelihood of finding a job. Additionally, having their own ride also helps them to commute to interviews, job fairs, and events which are essential for securing better opportunities.


With a vehicle of their own, an individual can easily work at the jobs that require mobility, such as providing delivery services and ridesharing. There are multiple opportunities of working as a rider nowadays.


A motorcycle can also help in providing independence and reduces reliance on public transport, thus overcoming the transportation barriers. They can easily access training and educational opportunities outside their vicinity.

You can also be a part of transforming someone’s life with your donations. Donate a motorcycle to a person in need today!

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