Marriage Assistance


Getting our daughters married with dignity & pride

Marriage Sponsorship
Rs 55,000

Due to the rise in poverty in Pakistan, poor parents cannot afford to get their daughters married with dignity and pride and allow their daughters to fulfil this rite.

Marriage is a moral safeguard as well as a social building block.

Through marriage, families are established and the family is considered to be the fundamental unit of society in Pakistan.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that:

Marriage is my tradition whosoever keeps away from it is not from amongst us.

The Prophet (saw) also enjoined people to marry and said:

When one marries, they have fulfilled half of their religion, so let them fear God regarding the remaining half.

KGNWT realises the difficulty poor families are in and provides marriage funds and, with your generous help, to date Rs 16m / £114,750 / $183,600 has been spent on ‘Ijtimai Shaadi’ (Collective Wedding Ceremonies) of 306 couples.

‘Ijtimai Shaadi’ (Collective Wedding Ceremonies) of 306 couples as follows

Marriage Assistance
  • 131 couples in Umerkot
    (from Hindu families & from Muslim families)
  • 25 couples in Pakpatan Sharif
    (from Muslims families)
  • 110 couples in Tandoo Bhago
    (17th Oct 2014 – from Muslim families)
  • 40 couples in Pakpatan Sharif
    (24th Oct 2014 – from Muslim families)

One Marriage Sponsorship costs
Rs 55,000