Livelihood (Rozgar)

Rickshaw, Motorbike & Sewing Machine Assistance

food/vegetable carts Rs 100,000
Rs 9,000

The increase in unemployment in Pakistan has meant that it is getting harder to sustain livelihoods among poorer families.

People don’t want charity, they need to be provided with opportunities to get themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty. KGNWT have launched three projects, the ‘Rickshaw’, ‘Motorbike’ and the ‘Sewing Machine’ Assistance projects to help empower poor jobless people with a means to earn their daily livelihoods and get themselves and their families out of poverty.

With your support, we aim to expand all our Assistance Projects to help even more deserving families get themselves out of poverty.

Ehsaas has already distributed

  • 56 Rickshaws to deserving families
  • 26 Rickshaws to deserving families on a ‘no profit no loss’ basis
  • 50 Motorbikes to the most deserving applicants
  • 100’s of Sewing Machines to the most deserving applicants

Food and Veg Carts is just
Rs 100,000
One Sewing Machine is just
Rs 9,000