You have helped Abdul Basit…

You have helped Abdul Basit, Sibri and Mehtaj…
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Abdul Basit has a hole in his heart and two heart valves are not working properly.

Abdul Basit is a young 17 year old teenager from Diplo, District Tharparkar in Sindh, Pakistan. He has a hole in his heart and two heart valves are not working properly. He has faced this medical condition since childhood – medical treatment that we would take for granted for our children here. His father is a tailor and works on very low wages unable to afford the £7,000 / $12,000 / A$12,915 required to get his son treated. KGNWT undertook an appeal for Abdul Basit and your generous support has meant that he is now awaiting the operation that could save his life and give him a chance for a normal and fulfilling future.

Sisters Sibri (11) & Mehtaj (9) both had cataract disease in their eyes.

They belong to a very poor family where having one basic meal a day is luxury let alone getting expensive medical treatment for their curable condition. With the help of generous donations, KGNWT was able to provide treatment to these two sisters from the Hashman Eye Hospital, one of the most prominent and well-known hospitals in Pakistan dealing with this condition and where the best surgeons and physicians in this field are available. After a successful operation, costing Rs 250,000 / £1,515 / $2,450 / AED 8,900 both sisters have now recovered fully and are leading a normal life, just like any other healthy child would do. Their and their families prayers are with those generous donors who made this possible.

Other children awaiting your generous donations include:

Fatima Bai Hospital
  • 9 month old Wali Muhammad Irfan who has an infection in his eyes so he can hardly see
  • 3 year old Abdul Majid who needs treatment as his growth is not normal
  • 12 year old Muhammad Aleem Hussain who has an infection in his eyes and cannot see

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